About chabahargreenpipe

With the interest and attention of the goddesses, Chabahar green tube company has been able to have more than two decades of experience in polymer processes with modern machines for producing pipes and fittings as well as the use of a well-equipped laboratory and experienced personnel with good quality products with mechanisms At the level of international standards of production, due to its high quality, it will emerge as quickly as possible in domestic and foreign markets.

The company also succeeded in the invention and production of a new generation of PERT Fusion Joints, specially designed for the PERT-AL-PERT pipes of the Kierapipe brand, and thus emerged from the ingenuity and creativity of the global market.

It is worth noting that this product, which is highly scientific and industrial, has been successful. Shortly after approval by the Iranian Scientific and Industrial Research Organization and mandatory standards certificates, the technical certificate of the Building and Housing Research Center, the Health Certificate and FOOD GRADE, as well as the ISO9001 certificate Get it