Specifications of the kayerpipe Product


Date of Release : 13/08/2018 01:19:57 ب.ظ

The products are resistant to earthquake waves, vibration, thrust, and building sits. Also, these pipes are easy to install and easy to transport.

Specifications of the kayerpipe Product

Resistant to earthquake waves, vibration, drifting building sits

Due to the flexibility of the consumable polymer, the PERT system is able to withstand prolongation and longitudinal contractions, with high resistance to earthquake and building seams.

Easy installation

Piper Cair pipes are easy to install. Today, it is one of the newest and most advanced five-layer piping systems. Fusion welding machine is used to install the fittings.

Ease of transport

Pipes and fittings are lightweight and have a high level of layout and can be moved and transported without the use of special equipment.